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Conduit Conduit

The Power Model
A mana conduit is an object which links two mana pools together. Mana flows from the source pool in one direction to the target pool. The alignment of the mana which traverses the conduit will shape the alignment of the conduit. Simulation designers can control both the flow of mana through the conduit, and the probability that the conduit will function at all when accessed.

All mana requests begin with a tap, a process where some target mana pool initiates a request for mana from some source pool. Properties associated with mana pools control how the pool reacts to being tapped for mana. It may ignore the request, or satisfy it with or without conditions. If the request is granted, a conduit object is built between the source and the target. The characteristics of the conduit itself then determines how much mana actually arrives at the target. The conduit remains after the tap is complete.

By default, avatar objects are granted a healing conduit at birth, which ties the avatar to the power system. The simulation uses the healing conduit to regenerate key avatar traits as part of the process of life. It is possible that a mana pool may not possess enough mana to completely satisfy a tap request. In such cases, the pool can be configured to tap its healing source for additional mana. This can set off a cascade effect across portions of the power network, with often unpredictable results.

To help manage a large power network, MUDzilla concentrates all mana into a special object known as the Unary Power Source (UPS). In a well-designed power system, all mana conduits lead back to the UPS in a generally hierarchical fashion, with many mana pools of differing sizes scattered between an avatar and the UPS. Loops are possible, and often form elegant resolutions to some types of mana management issues.

Conduits are expressed through the TConduit class. For additional information, see the MUDzilla Conduit Form.

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