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The MUDzilla Simulation System
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The MUDzilla Simulation System
Breakthrough Management Software
MUDzilla Was Formally Concluded in May, 2004.
It remains a solution waiting for a problem.

MUDzilla is a universe modeling tool designed for multi-user, networked environments, using the World Wide Web and TELNET as the primary user interfaces. Written in Borland Delphi for Microsoft Windows/NT, MUDzilla allows the creation of complex artificial realities for the purpose of instruction, research, self-analysis, teaching, collaberative communication, and recreation. MUDzilla uses a relational database model based on the Borland Database Engine (BDE), which provides an SQL interface to the underlying data. The strengths of relational database environment, combined with object-oriented application design, give MUDzilla a robust feature set, allowing it to simulate anything!

MUDzilla is very near completion. Our primary developer, James Knauer, has been working full-time on this software for five years, and could really use your financial support. If you believe in this software, the ideas behind it, and you wish to help, please contact Jim at


Active MUDzilla Simulations
The Monastery of Ages
The Monastery of Ages

A fantasy role-playing Multiverse featuring the combined stories of a dedicated group of noble adventurers, The Monastery of Ages represents our flagship MUDzilla simulation. We hereby invite you to participate in a completely original gaming environment where your wits, above all else, will save you!

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